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Agri-Tourism can strengthen Indian Farmers

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Yes, this is a proven fact that Agri-Toursim or Agro-Tourism can strengthen our farmers.  The question arises in the mind that what is Agri-Tourism?  Actually, any activity which involves agriculture based operation that brings visitors to a farm is known as Agri-Tourism. Its either buying produce direct from the farm or spending quality time on a farm where a person can experience the different branches of agriculture, floriculture, fishing, dairy stuff together in a natural surroundings.    It has already introduced in  many countries like Australia, Canada, The United States of America, Phillipins etc. It can be very helpful tool for the sustainability also as the additional source of Income directly to the farmer community.

Scope of Agri-Tourism in India
India has vast variety of geographical dimension. So from tourism point of view,  India has lot of options for the visitors. With the development of urbanization in  rural areas,  the scope of Agri-Toursim or Agro-Tourism has created yet another scope in India.  People have become more interested in how their food is produced. They want to meet farmers and processors and talk with them about what goes into food production.  For many people who visit farms, especially children, the visit marks the first time they see the source of their food, be it a dairy cow/buffalo, rice,corn or wheat growing in a field, or fruit they can pick right off a tree.

The 1st Agri-Toursim Centre in India
Baramati Agri Tourism Center introduced and developed  under the guidance of Pandurang Taware who is known as Father of Agri Tourism Concept in India. He even received the National Tourism Award from the President of India, for the most innovative Tourism Product. Agri Tourism India (ATDC) is pioneer in the development and marketing of agri tourism concept in India. ATDC,  some affiliated farmers and operates agri tourism center in their respective villages in the state of Maharashtra.

Economic Strength
It  is a productive  alternative for improving the incomes and potential to gain  economic strength to small farms and rural communities. It can be very useful idea to introduce this concept in India where farmers are bound to live in  miserable condition. So it  can  improve & reduce  the suicide cases of farmers happening frequently in several states of India.

How it can make popular in India:
Role of the Govt.
It’s the Govt. either Central Government,  State Government & even Private Sectors/Financial institutions  should  come forward to encourage Agri-Tourism in India. Proper guidelines/training centre should be introduced in Agricultural Universities, & grant a specific budget to adopt this innovative idea.  So that  farmers or farm house owners can understand how they can utilize their available resources & obtain monetary gain.

Events/Exhibitions/Awards may be organized on regular basis in different parts of India to promote Agri-Tourism among Indian Farming Community.

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